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About Margaret

Margaret has been the Labour Member of Parliament for Barking and the heart of Dagenham since 1994. Margaret held several government positions in the last Labour government, holding portfolios across education, work and pensions, business and culture. In 2010 Margaret became the first woman elected Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, serving until 2015.

Margaret has been an active community campaigner for over two decades. Margaret has campaigned for the best health services to serve Barking, with world-class hospital services in the borough. Margaret has been fighting rising crime in the borough and calling for an end to police cuts. Successfully campaigning for a hospital bus route and improvements to local rail services have also been a top priority. Margaret has been a champion of inclusive regeneration in the borough. Meaning new services, affordable homes and better community spaces for residents.


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It’s my priority to stay in touch all year round and not just around elections.

I hold regular Coffee Afternoons, Street Meetings and Local Visits with community groups and local services to get things changed in the community.

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February 2019

My job is to be Barking’s voice. I work for the community to make our borough the best it can be. Supporting our police, schools and NHS. New jobs and affordable homes. These will always be my priorities for Barking.


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