Margaret Hodge MP
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What’s going on in Parliament


Giving the people of Barking a voice in Westminster

My main job in Parliament is to represent the concerns and issues facing you, the people of Barking. From childhood obesity to violent crime, there are a whole host of community problems that I am aiming to tackle. If there is something affecting you in Barking, please get in touch.

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APPG on Responsible Tax

I am the chair of a cross-party group of politicians looking to update the tax system to make sure you get value for money for you taxes. We also want to make tax fairer and easier to understand. Tax isn’t just for the professionals, it’s for everyone.

The taxman needs to be able to fund our vital public services. That’s why we also want to stop illegal money laundering and tax avoidance by big international corporations. Our group works hard to create a better tax system for all.

Standing up Against Discrimination

I have always stood up against racism and discrimination in all its forms. Whether fighting off Nick Griffin and the BNP in Barking in 2010, calling out the Windrush injustices facing my constituents or challenging antisemitism. That’s why I use my position in Parliament to stand up against any form of discrimination, whatever side of politics it comes from.